Penang Street Art (Toh Aka Lane Sculpture)

A steel rod art sculpture depicting an Ironsmith at work, which also tells the origin of the Toh Aka Lane (Lorong Toh Aka) in George Town. Known locally in the old days as “Ironworks Street”, most of the people staying in this area were ironsmiths and the majority of them belonged to the Cheah clan.

Penang Street Art (Charlie Chaplin)

Penang Street Art (Toys Cafe Cartoons)

The front of the Toys Cafe decorated with various cartoon and movie characters. The cafe is located at the corner of Acheen Street and Lumut Lane in George Town.

Penang Street Art (Armenian Street Art Alley)

Various street art murals lining up the wall along a small back alley at Armenian Street, George Town. Most of these wall arts have been commissioned by the local shops there to attract tourists who visit the popular street.

George Town Street View: A Bus Stop Art


Some bus stops in George Town have art works depicting the area’s history together with a brief description of the area’s origin such as this one pictured here.

Penang Street Art (The Couple)

A street art mural found at the wall of a small alley at Kampung Kolam area, George Town.

Penang Street Art (Candy Bird’s Street Art)

Art murals painted by Candy Bird whose real name is Han Chun-Yueh, a Taiwanese street artist. His art works are usually inspired by the historical and social aspects of the places that he visits. These art works can be found at a small alley that connects both Kampung Kolam area and Kapitan Keling Mosque Street in George Town.