Armenian Street Ghaut: Art Murals

Street art murals found along Armenian Street Ghaut, George Town. These art works can be found just beside the Gudang Cafe.

Penang Street Art (The Window Cat)

A cute art mural depicting a cat looking out from a window, which can be found at a small alley at Cannon Street, the popular heritage zone of George Town.

Armenian Street Ghaut: The Faded Cat Mural

The fading large mural of ‘Skippy the Cat’ art mural at Armenian Street Ghaut, George Town.

Penang Street Art (The Blue 102th Cat)

Blue Cat Art
A blue cat drawing found at Armenian Street Ghaut area, opposite the Giant Cat art work.

Penang Street Art (Cat in the Townhouse)

Art Penaga
This is part of a large art mural painted at the side wall of Hotel Penaga, a boutique hotel in George Town.

Penang Street Art (‘Under Protection’ Mural)

This large mural can be found painted on the wall facing a small alley of Hotel Penaga‘s Clarke Terrace. Phrases of “Under Protection” can be seen inscribed upon the art work, probably to mean the things that should be protected by people less they are extinct. The painting depicts a tiger caring for her cubs, an old pre-war house structure and a man resting on a trishaw amidst tropical trees and birds.

Penang Street Art (Bathtub Kittens)


This mural can be found nearby the Giant Cat mural at Armenian Street and is also painted by the ASA (Artists for Stray Animals) to create awareness on stray animals care and protection. It is located at the same alley of the Giant Rat (just walk several steps further) and is on the wall of a yellow building.

For the art’s location, please click HERE for the map.