Passing by the Birds Art Mural

Flight of the Birds

This large street art mural depicting a painting of different types of colorful birds can be found at the wall of a house in Macallum Street, George Town.

Macallum Street View

Macallum Street View

Macallum Street View

Macallum Street View

Also known locally as the ‘Fifth Street’ in Hokkien or Lebuh Macallum in Malay, Macallum Street was named after Colonel Sir Henry McCallum who was also a British Colonial Engineer of the Straits Settlements during the late 1800s.

Penang Street Art Map (Part 11 – Chulia Street, Macallum Street, Presgrave Street)

Map Updated (9 November 2015)
Please click on each map image below for a larger size.

Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) mapart14chulia

Macallum Street (Lebuh Macallum) mapart14macallum

Presgrave Street (Lebuh Presgrave) mapart14presgrave

The Fox Lady

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Penang Isle: The Macallum Street Coastline